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Atelier Totori Plus Save Data Unlocks These Items In Atelier Meruru Plus



Atelier Totori Plus has a connection to Atelier Meruru Plus and we’re not talking about returning characters. If you have save data for Atelier Totori Plus on your memory card you’ll get a few bonus items like a special staff. Totori can alchemize items while the staff is equipped. Players also unlock the Apron Dress and White Prim costume items.


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Gust is giving away two more costume items for fans that pick up Atelier Meruru Plus at launch. First print copies include a code for the Mushroom Princess swimsuit outfit and the mini straw hat accessory.


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One beating is enough to completely defeat the bosses in Atelier Meruru Plus. Meruru and her friends can fight bosses again in the Makina Domain. This DLC package is included on the PlayStation Vita cart.





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They may look the same, but the powered up versions of the bosses are several levels stronger. As a reward for beating them again, you will be rewarded with high-end items and can also gain status ups and other bonuses from clearing the fights.


The Makina Domain fights can be rough if you don’t have the right equipment. Atelier Meruru Plus has newly added weapons will definitely come in handy for tough boss fights.


Here’s a look at some of the new weapons we’ll be seeing in Atelier Meruru Plus:


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It is said that these new weapons will be difficult to craft but they’ll be worth it when it comes to fighting bosses and entering the Makina Domain.


Atelier Meruru Plus will be released on March 20th for PlayStation Vita.

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