Atlus’ New Concept Trailer For Project Re Fantasy Is As Fantasy As It Gets



Atlus hosted a special live stream where we got to check out a new concept trailer for Project Re Fantasy, and it’s as fantasy as it gets with a knight, cleric, dragon riders, magic, and more.


We saw the first concept video almost exactly a year ago and Atlus wanted to take the occasion to show us the next one that comes with plenty of traditional fantasy elements. Atlus started out as the “antithesis of the orthodox” by making Shin Megami Tensei but the company will face a new challenge by making a fantasy game that is as orthodox as it gets.


Studio Zero recently mentioned that things are going well for the project, but they are currently in need of some more programmers and designers to continue moving forward.


Katsura Hashino shared in a message that they haven’t started working on anything concrete as far as its setting goes, but he wanted to share the concept trailer to give us an idea what they have in mind. He also added that they haven’t changed their idea on making a “high-fantasy” title, but also hopes fans watch it and think “huh, well that’s different” about some of the parts that are shown.


Here’s a look at some more concept art from the trailer:





Lastly, here’s a bonus video from Atlus:

Project Re Fantasy’s platform(s) has yet to be announced.

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