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Atlus Publishing The King Of Fighters XIV In The Americas



The King  of Fighters XIV has a publisher for the Americas. Atlus has announced it will be bringing the SNK Playmore fighting game to the west in 2016. The PlayStation 4 game will feature a 3 on 3 battle system with 50 playable characters immediately available in-game at launch. 19 of those characters will be new to the series.


Along with the announcement comes new information about how The King of Fighters XIV will play. There will be a Rush feature for newcomers to the series. It will offer optional, simplified combos for people who are learning to play the game. There will also be an online training mode to compliment that, which will allow more advanced players to work with newbies. For those who know what they’re doing and aren’t in need of tutorial experiences, SNK Playmore will also be improving the Combo and Max Mode. Exact details on what’s changed aren’t available, but rebalancing and streamlining has been mentioned.


The King of Fighters XIV will also offer Party Battles. These allow two teams of three human fighters to take part in a cooperative fight online. This allows three people on each side.


Some elements of the online experience were discussed as well. The King of Fighters XIV will have an improved netcode. It will also use the PlayStation 4’s features to allow people conveniences like a online King of Fighters XIV profile, battle and replay data saving, and the ability to watch others’ matches as a spectator.




The King of Fighters XIV will come to the PlayStation 4 in the Americas in 2016. An official website is now open.

Jenni Lada
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