PlayStation 3

Atlus Rumored To Be Working On A New Game Based On A Popular PS3 Title



There’s a rumor going on suggesting that Atlus is working on bringing back a popular title from the PlayStation 3 era. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


The report headline suggests that it could be a sequel or continuation of some sort, but Ryokutya suggests that based on the unconfirmed information he received, there’s a chance the title is a remaster with added elements.


While they couldn’t share more information, it was hinted that upon hearing the name of the title without a new number, it seemed more like a “complete” remaster with all DLC, but Ryokutya remembered that said title didn’t have any DLCs.


The report goes on to mention that the title in question was rumored a few months ago, and if what they heard is true then we can expect to hear some kind of announcement within the year.


That said, we’ll take it with a grain of salt for the time being until we hear something more concrete. Should the rumors be true, it shouldn’t be long until we hear something with 2017 closing out soon. If we had to take a wild guess, it could very well be a Catherine remaster or remake, considering that it looked like Atlus was teasing something for it a few months ago, the title was popular on PS3, and didn’t come with any DLCs.

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