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Atlus Shares A Fond Farewell Message To Demon’s Souls’ Servers



We learned yesterday that online services for Demon’s Souls in Japan is shutting down on February 28 and it’s been confirmed for the West as well.


Sony Interactive Entertainment (previously Sony Computer Entertainment) publishes and hosts the game in Japan but Atlus handles the job for North America. In addition to announcing that servers will also be shutting down in the West on February 28, Atlus staff shared some fond memories in a farewell message:


“Beating double Maneaters for the first time. F*** those guys. It’s also my proudest and most frustrating Platinum trophy to date.” –  Nate Harris, Sales Administration Manager


“I played Demon’s Souls back in high school and it was one of the first games I had played in a long time where I felt a major sense of accomplishment after tackling a tough boss. I remember beating the Tower Knight and thinking, ‘Man, a boss fight hasn’t made my hands shake like that since I was a little kid.’ Plus, not knowing what was going to come next was always a thrill. You never knew what might be lurking around the corner.” – Jacob Onofrio, Quality Assurance


“Blighttown was the not-so-fond memory for me, haha. On top of an already difficult game, I had to worry about poison? And it wasn’t like you could just cure the poison, ‘cuz that area was just nothing but poison and you’ll get re-poisoned immediately. There was no getting around the poison. Did I mention the poison?” – Daryl Le, Quality Assurance


“My most memorable experience with Demon’s Souls was listening to Richard’s deluge of profanities while he was testing it, lol.” – Rob Stone, QA Lead


“I played like I lived, foolishly rolling off cliffs while trying to dodge skeleton enemies.” – Sara Chan, Product Marketing Specialist


“Every boss fight in Demon’s Souls was memorable, not necessarily because they were difficult, but because all of the bosses had a creative way of defeating them. The three moments that stuck out to me the most are when another player invaded me as the Old Monk, Maiden Astrea killing herself and when I found out that the last boss was a gross, bug jello thing. Demon’s Souls is a huge reason why I chose to work at ATLUS.” – Izumi Thorn, Translator


Demon’s Souls released in Japan on February 2009. It followed with a North American release on October 2009 and in Europe in June 2010 for PlayStation 3.

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