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Atlus To Stream Over 30 Hours Of Persona Content And News Starting Feb 4



February 5 marks the day of the “Persona Super Live 2015” concert, where we can expect to hear the latest news for Persona 5. Atlus just announced that they’ll be streaming a massive 30+ hours of Persona-related… stuff… prior to the event.


Persona 4: Golden PS Vita the Best, a “Greatest Hits” version in Japan, will also be released on the date of the concert. To commemorate the occasion of the concert event and release of the game, Atlus are holding a stream that will last over 30 hours.


According to the website, the “Flash! Persona Channel 2015” livestream will be available for viewing on Nico Nico Douga, and it will also continue on during the concert which takes place on the following day. The purpose of the stream is to show off the charm of the Persona series and also introduce what it’s about to those who aren’t familiar with the series.


The website also notes that it will be loaded with the latest Persona news. The stream will carry on over 30 hours and it starts at 1pm Japan time on February 4th.


You’ll be able to check the stream out on the official website and it will also be streamed via NicoNico. 30 hours of livestreaming sounds extremely chaotic—and most of it will likely be filler content—but Siliconera will attempt to cover the major announcements that take place.

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