Nintendo Switch

Atlus’s CEO Comments On The Nintendo Switch, Says The Console Is Making For “Interesting Potential”



Back when the Nintendo Switch was officially revealed, a list of publishers and developers who would be supporting Nintendo’s latest console was also subsequently released, and among that list was Atlus. Now, in a recent interview with MCV, Atlus CEO Naoto Hiraoka shared a few comments about the Switch, though did not reveal any information about specific titles in the future. [Thanks, NintendoEverything.]


Here is Hiraoka’s full commentary regarding the Switch:


“Our participation as a publisher for the Nintendo Switch has been announced, and while we don’t have any news on that front to share, the device is making for some interesting potential.”


Besides the Switch, Hiraoka also had a few things to say about the 3DS, Nintendo’s handheld:


“As a third-party publisher for Nintendo’s platform, we have seen that 3DS owners are looking for mature role-playing game experiences, and JRPGs fit right into this genre.”


Lastly, Hiraoka also shared a bit about Atlus’s process behind their branding strategy, and how their focus will remain strongly in developing RPGs and appealing to fans’ interest in Japanese subculture.


“In recent years, Atlus has been working on our branding strategy. The Japanese subculture consists of games, manga, anime and so on, and we focus on gaming as the core of our activities, hoping to become a leader, while delivering the best creative content to our fans. There was a stage where Japanese games went through a dark time.

“However, with the appearance of the likes of Demon’s Souls, Persona 4 and Catherine, we were able to deliver products which caught the eye of overseas consumers once again. Atlus’ strength is developing RPGs, and creating what we are good at to deliver something enjoyable. That this elicits positive reactions from fans is our greatest pleasure.”


The Nintendo Switch is scheduled to release sometime in March of 2017.