Attack With An Arsenal Of Blades In Glorious Savior



Players can equip multiple weapons at the same time, attacking with them all in Fever mode in Glorious Savior, which has released in Premium and Freemium versions on Android.




When the Hero’s Sword goes missing, Rain sets off along with Cobalt, a weapon fairy, and Viola to find it. He searches for it in the Fairy Garden, which can be accessed from whirlpools around the world.




This huge dungeon is separated into areas that become increasingly difficult, but contain better, more unusual weapons. Players can also try to get help from the fairies there to gain the strongest weapons.




players can equip their character with multiple weapons at once, selecting whichever one they wish to attack with in combat. During the game’s Fever Mode, the player can attack with them all in a flurry of strikes.

Alistair Wong
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