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Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Devs On Adding Original Modes And Weapon


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Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle released earlier this month, and Famitsu has gone up with an interview with director Koutarou Hirata and producer Hideo Suzuki, discussing new elements, and the process behind adding an original mode and an original weapon in the form of the Gatling.


Here are the highlights:

Please tell us more about the Gatling. Personally, I felt that this new weapon was a bold choice.

Hideo Suzuki, producer: “In the anime, they use blades and the Thunder Spear, and the idea was born from how I wanted to make a weapon original to the game as well.”


Koutarou Hirata, director: “We suggested to the publisher of the manga that “this sort of weapon could be created with the technology gotten from the Military Police Brigade.” We got permission to do so, and then decided on the development.”


So that’s how it came about. Speaking of game-original elements, what was the process behind the creation of Territory Recovery mode?

Hirata: “It came from the idea of making a mode separate from the anime where you can make an all-star original Corps to fight against the Titans and take back 100% of the territory.”


Right, the face you can make your own all-star corps really pumps you up. Are there any original conversation scenes you particularly like?

Hirata: “The anime has finished broadcasting, but I like the event where we homage the scene where Eren says to himself quietly, “Attack on Titan…”


Suzuki: “We’ve also prepared comical events, so please watch them. For me, I like the event scene between Zeke, Levi, and Petra. It’s a dream event with enemies and those who died before Season 3, that can only be realized thanks to this mode.”


Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Those with the original Attack on Titan 2 can purchase it as an upgrade, and it is also available as a standalone purchase featuring all three seasons in one package. Check out its new features trailer in our previous report.

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