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Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Is Set To Retake The Wall This July For PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC



Attack on Titan 2 is coming with a new expansion based on Season 3 of the anime as Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle. Here’s its first trailer and screenshots from Koei Tecmo with info for the new content.


Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle is an expansion for the action game Attack on Titan 2. it takes place throughout the Attack on Titan Season 3’s timeline, with a Story Mode that plays through selected characters’ points of view with characters active in Season 3 now playable for the first time. With the additional new characters it brings the total playable character count to over 40 with the expansion. In addition to content from all three seasons of the Attack on Titan anime, the expansion will feature original episodes made for the game.


As for new content, the game offers two new gameplay experiences. One is an anti-personnel combat feature that uses anti-personnel omni directional mobility gear, and the other is an all-new Wall Reclamation Mode that focuses on recovering outside territories. In this mode players get to choose a leader of their squad and the members they want to include, including characters who weren’t together in the original work.



AOT2FB_PS4_Thunder Spear_01

There are also new weapons such as the Thunder Spear (pictured above) that can be equipped for battle to take down the Armored Titan.


Here are some screenshots for the expansion:






Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle releases in North America and Europe on July 5, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game releases a day earlier on July 4 in Japan. Those who own the original Attack on Titan 2 game will get to purchase the Final Battle as part of an Upgrade Pack DLC.

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