Attack On Titan Invades Sega’s Joypolis Amusement Park


image Sega’s Joypolis amusement park in Tokyo got an Attack on Titan makeover and carnival goers can enjoy a variety of attractions and games inspired by the show until September 30.


The titans themselves are set to appear on Joypolis’ main stage courtesy of projection mapping technology. Another attraction includes a half-pipe ride that spins you around as you climb nearly seven meters. The ride is set to Attack on Titan’s theme song, and allows you to choose a scene from the show that plays while you’re on the ride.



Carnival goers can also dress up as some of the show’s characters and take photos with a variety of custom frames that are decorated with chibi versions of the show’s Survey Corps. The third floor of Joypolis features a “Fortune Forest” attraction. The Fortune Forest attraction promises a fairy-tale like atmosphere where you can get your fortune told with mysterious runes. You’ll also receive one of three Attack on Titan themed cards on the way out.


There will also be a variety of Attack on Titan themed carnival games with prizes featuring original artwork that cycle out monthly. If you get hungry at the event, you can get your fill of Attack on Titan themed dishes at the Floor Frame café. Some of the dishes get pretty creative, like the New Recruit dish that serves you a practically raw short rib, or a Superior Officer dish that comes with three pieces of pork chashu and a print of Eren in titan form on a piece of seaweed.




Of course, the experience wouldn’t be complete without a nod to Sasha’s ravenous appetite, and Joypolis celebrates that by offering what they call a “chili-cheese dog” with sautéed potatoes. Finally, from July 6onward, players can enjoy a stamp rally. Remember that mini game from the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks? It’s a bit like that – a scavenger hunt centered around collecting stamps from around the exhibit. Grabbing all of them will land you a mini-towel featuring original art from the show.