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Attack on Titan Screenshots Show Levi, Hange, And Areas Outside The Wall



Koei Tecmo has updated with the latest details and screenshots on their upcoming Attack on Titan game by Omega Force. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


Starting with a look at some of the characters.


Levi Ackerman (CV: Hiroshi Kamiya):



Hange Zoë (CV: Romi Park):



Eld Jin (CV: Susumu Chiba):



Oluo Bozado (CV: Shinji Kawada):



Gunther Shultz (CV: Kozo Mito):




Petra Ral (CV: Natsuki Aikawa):




Moblit Berner (CV: Rintaro Nishi):




Titan that ate Ilse:



Sonny and Bean:


attack-on-titan_151127-9 attack-on-titan_151127-10


Next are some screenshots and details on the action of the game.


attack-on-titan_151127-11 attack-on-titan_151127-12

You can get on top of roofs, but Titans can destroy just about anything, so there aren’t any safe places to hide.



Similar to what we’ve seen in the original version, there are battles that take place outside the walls, where you might also find yourself in situations that require capturing Titans instead of killing them.


attack-on-titan_151127-14 attack-on-titan_151127-15


Since there are places where you can’t use the 3D Maneuver Gear outside the wall, you’ll need to rely on horse riding.


attack-on-titan_151127-17 attack-on-titan_151127-18

attack-on-titan_151127-19 attack-on-titan_151127-21


Some of the popular characters like Levi and Hange are exceptionally strong.

attack-on-titan_151127-23 attack-on-titan_151127-24

attack-on-titan_151127-25 attack-on-titan_151127-26

Prior tot he collapse of the collapse of the Trost District Wall by the hands of the Colossal Titan, the best of the Survey Corps went on a mission outside the walls, with the purpose of recapturing the Wall Maria that fell five years earlier.

attack-on-titan_151127-27 attack-on-titan_151127-28

attack-on-titan_151127-29 attack-on-titan_151127-30

Ruined towns and villages were used as a supply base, and the Survey Corps had a mission of securing a marching route in order to send a battalion to the Shiganshina District, where Wall Maria was destroyed. The Survey Corps find new discoveries as they secure the route and fight Titans along the way.


attack-on-titan_151127-31 attack-on-titan_151127-32


The above screenshots show a player playing as Levi at the supply camp outside the wall. Here, you can check out your gear, modify weapons, ready up for the next departure, and also enjoy conversations with other characters. You can also play new episodes by talking to key characters.


attack-on-titan_151127-34 attack-on-titan_151127-35


And finally, the above is a look at some new stages with the “Rural Areas” and “Ruined City.”


Attack on Titan is slated for release this winter in Japan for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. The game will release sometime in 2016 for the West.

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