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Attack on Titan Details Its Latest Update’s Online Co-op, Adjustments, And More


Koei Tecmo previously talked about Attack on Titan’s update that adds online multiplayer co-op and more. Now that the update has launched, they’ve provided details on what else it includes.

  • “Investigation Outside the Wall Mode”: Will allow for up to four players with the same console version of the game to co-op together online.
  • Special Models Added: At the “Camp” that you have access to before heading out to battle, you’ll now be able to decorate models of Titans that you have previously defeated. These models can then be used as trophies to show off in the “Online Camp.”
  • Soldier Proficiency Cap Expansion & Original Skill Addition: Each of the 10 playable characters will get one original skill added.
  • Adding “Hard” Difficulty: Adding the “Hard” difficulty to go with the already available “Easy” and “Normal.”
  • Adding Request Rewards to “Shin Shingeki Mode”: More rewards have been added for completing requests in the super difficult “Shin Shingeki Mode.”
  • Information Indicators Added to Battlefield Allies: Information markers have been added to the four characters that travel together in the battlefield.
  • Equipment Reinforcement Cap Increased: The cap for equipment reinforcement has been increased.
  • Material Rarity Indicator Added: The material needed to create and upgrade equipment now show its rarity.
  • Battle Balance Adjustment: The battle balance has been adjusted.
  • Function to Develop Equipment While Procuring Material Added: This function allows you to develop equipment while procuring material.

Attack on Titan is currently available in Japan for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. The game will release in the West in 2016.

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