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Attack On Titan’s E3 Trailer Shows Off Some Advanced Gameplay



Koei Tecmo has shared two new trailers during E3 for its upcoming Attack on Titan game. The first video gives us a look at the characters and story, while the second shows off some advanced gameplay mechanics from the game.


E3 Trailer:


Advanced gameplay trailer:



Here are some more details from Koei Tecmo’s press release:


Following the plot-twisting events of the hugely successful anime series Attack on Titan, players will be able to take control of protagonist Eren’s powerful Titan form and get up close and personal with the eerily human-like creatures! Transforming into this titanic beast replaces Eren’s ODM gear and blades with fists. A first English language demo featuring this game-changing ability will be present at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016 in Los Angeles from June 14 – 16.


Koei Tecmo America also released a new gameplay trailer showcasing the newly-revealed feature’s unique play-style! Thisaction-packed new trailer features Eren’s explosive transformation, as well as the game’s main playable characters, and focuses on the fast-paced battles, towering Titans, and claustrophobic atmosphere of Attack on Titan. A variety of new screenshots were also released today, showcasing a selection of the stages where players will fight against the Titans; from the evacuated streets of the Stohess District to the open plains outside of the walls!


Attack on Titan will release in North America one August 30th for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and PC, and in Europe on August 26th with the title A.O.T. Wings of Freedom.

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