Attentat 1942–A Graphic Novel-Style WWII Game That Tells The Stories Of Its Survivors


Attentat 1942 uses historical footage, survivor interviews, graphic-novel style story segments, and decision-making to engage players with a story of survivors of Nazi occupation.


The main character discovers that their grandfather was arrested by the Gestapo after the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, “ruler of the Nazi-occupied Czech Lands and leading architect of the Holocaust”. When they do, players will start to look deeper into what caused their grandfather to be locked away, digging into the history surrounding this character and the resistance he was a part of.

Players will learn about this story through a variety of narrative styles, with Attentat 1942 offering digitized footage, interactive comics, mini games, and cinematic interviews with eight survivors (that were researched and written by professional historians). By speaking to eyewitnesses and learning through experiencing events in varied ways, players will learn what the experience of Nazi occupation was like through the eyes of its survivors.


Attentat 1942 has recently passed through Steam Greenlight, and looks to offer a personal look at this dark time in history in Q3 of this year.

Alistair Wong
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