Augmented Reality Girls Trinary’s Opening Videos Show Off Its Colorful Heroines



Gust is working on a new smartphone game with Toei Animation called Augmented Reality Girls Trinary, or Kakuchou Shoujoukei Trinary, and they’ve shared its opening video featuring its heroines.


We haven’t heard much about the game since September of last year where we learned about the “anime cross link RPG” where we’ll see the characters designed by Akatsuki Tsuchiya, best known for his work on the Ar Tonelico and Surge Concerto series. It’s being called that because the anime and game will go hand-in-hand as equally big parts of the series.


Its story takes place in a metropolitan area of Japan that gets hit by an abnormal situation, but not much else is known about it for the time being.


Augmented Reality Girls Trinary doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can pre-register via the official website.

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