Aura Kingdom Developer Reveals Its Next MMORPG, Laplace


Taiwanese developer X-Legend Entertainment (Aura Kingdom, Dragomon Hunter) has revealed its next MMORPG for PC titled Laplace (thanks MMOCulture). You can visit its website and watch the debut trailer above.


Laplace has a 2.5D isometric viewpoint and takes place in a world in which people known as Saints, chosen by the Celestial Beings, fight against Demons that have been attack humanity every thousands years or so.


The story will be a huge focus in Laplace and with each story boss you encounter is based on one of the Seven Deadly Sins. To reach the bosses you’ll need to survive the trap-filled dungeons that throw fire, arrows, spikes, and more at you in between mob fights.


The bosses also have a way of torturing players with their special skills using what’s referred to as an “OverKill” system – the idea is that you feel the impact of these nasty moves.


Upon being defeated, there’s a chance that boss monsters will drop their unique and super-rare boss weapons. Defeated bosses also give victorious players their boss skills such as summoning mythical beasts.


The closed beta test for Laplace will launch with four classes (and one class advance tier) with more to be added later. The six weapons on offer each come with their own active skills to add to each class’s individual skills with over 5,000 possible combinations planned.

Chris Priestman