ac.jpgThis shouldn’t come as a surprise, but Marvelous is planning to release Avalon Code in all territories. Siliconera commenter jarrod pointed me (thanks!!) to a NeoGAF thread with projected sales figures from Marvelous Entertainment which links back to a financial presentation. A slide on page 31 explains Marvelous’ plan to publish Little King Story and Avalon Code worldwide with in this fiscal year. Tentatively, Avalon Code will be in English before March 2009.


Another bit of information is Marvelous doesn’t have plans to publish Valhalla Knights 2 in Europe even though Rising Star released the first game. It doesn’t look like Marvelous has any plans to publish Luminous Arc 2: Will or Steal Princess internationally either. Both games are scheduled to remain in Japan only, at least for this fiscal year.


Images courtesy of Marvelous Entertainment.

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