AvariaVs Is A Competitive Online Game With a JRPG Battle System


AvariaVs  will have players creating a party of three heroes to tangle with another group of online warriors, fighting through menu-based combat in a game touted as “Final Fantasy meets Street Fighter.”


Players will choose from sixteen different heroes for their party for online scraps or offline split-screen battles. These characters are divided into four classes like the supporting telekinetic Eoni (who still pack a powerful strength attack), the purely offensive mana soldier, the tank-like Servos, and healing Mages. While each character is part of one of these classes, they have their own unique abilities and Focusburn special attacks that make them stand out.

When in combat, the opposing teams will each choose their moves simultaneously, then watch their choice of attacks be carried out all together in one quick melee. These moves have been tied to radial menus to ensure players can quickly access them, too, in hopes to make combat a quick, fluid affair. Some more powerful moves, like Focusburn attacks, are tied to little minigames to make them hit harder, so those may add a little time to players’ move choices.


AvariaVs’s story centres around the Eoni, creatures which normally feel no emotion. Over time, one eventually did start to feel, which turned it into a Hume, the first of a new race. At first, these beings followed the Eoni’s laws, but after a time, they began to break away from them.

AvariaVs is currently raising development funding on Kickstarter.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!