Avenge Your Murdered Dog In Ghosts N’ Goblins-Inspired Battle Princess Madelyn



When evil forces kidnap Princess Madelyn’s family and kill her dog, she throws on a suit of loosely-attached armor, hoping to keep it on as she seeks revenge in Ghosts N’ Goblins-inspired Battle Princess Madelyn.




Players will take the young Madelyn, as well as the ghost of her dog, Fritzy, through graveyards, swamps, haunted woods, and other monster-filled areas across ten stages with up to five levels each. Madelyn will have access to ten weapons she can find lying around in each stage, and her attacks with each of them can change depending on which of three suits of armor she’s wearing. One hit, though, is all it takes for her to lose her suit, so the longer the player can avoid damage, the more effective they are in combat.


Fritzy won’t leave its master to fight on her own, though. Fritzy will gain powers over the course of the game that will let her solve puzzles and access secret areas, giving Madelyn new routes to try out. Fritzy can also slow bosses or tie up enemies, helping Madelyn when she might be in trouble.




Players can choose to tackle Battle Princess Madelyn as a pure arcade game, playing stages in order, or they can play through the game’s story mode. Story mode allows players to retry older stages if they like, as well as take on quests for townsfolk that can affect the story’s outcome.


Battle Princess Madelyn is set to bring its over-the-top arcade action to players in fourth quarter of this year. The game is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!