Avoid A Killer Stalking The Darkness In Korean Indie Horror Game Enigma



Korean indie horror adventure game Enigma is now up on Steam Greenlight.


It has you playing as Yoo Minhyuk who wanders the darkness of his family’s mansion armed only with matches, which dimly light his way, while a killer stalks the shadows.


You have to avoid the killer at all costs, ensuring that the light doesn’t give you away, and looking out for the traps that the killer has laid out.


Minhyuk’s father died when he was a child and now, as an adolescent, he spends most of his time in his room. His siblings fight over the inheritance their father left behind, while their mother copes with the loss by collecting lots of weird paintings, and hosting regular parties.


This is the background with which you enter the game as a blackout in the mansion causes Minhyuk to wander the halls. It is said that within this estranged and tense climate there is a truth to be found.


Enigma is made in RPG Maker VX Ace and has a page with more information on You can also find this info on Greenlight.

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