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Awakened Fate Ultimatum Introduces Jupiel’s Sister, Mariel



Jupiel, one of the two angels you’ll have to choose between in Awakened Fate Ultimatum, is a cheerful girl, but her sister Mariel is quite different. The game’s latest video clip gives introduces us to the strict Mariel.



Jupiel’s older sister Mariel Soraumi posses one of the strongest offensive abilities in all the heavens, and for her young age, she’s already been personally selected by the Archangel to be one of the top ranking angels.


She seems to place a lot on her shoulders in order to do what’s best for the people of the heavens, and is even willing to put her life at stake if it means it could save those around her.


Towards the end of the video she is seen asking the protagonist Shin if he could fight, and if so, if he could help them fight off the demons to protect the heavens.


Awakened Fate Ultimatum will be released in Spring 2015 in North America and Europe for PlayStation 3.

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