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Award-Winning Game Dreii To Bring Online Strangers Together In Joy


Etter Studio is bringing its collaborative physics puzzler Dreii to PC, iOS, and Android on February 2nd. It will also be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on February 9th, as well as Wii U on March 8th.


Dreii is the follow-up to the European Design Award-winning iOS game Drei. It has faster physics, brand new levels, as well as a completely new character. Other than that it’s the same concept.


That being for two or three online players to work together to build stacks of awkwardly-shaped objects so that they reach a pre-determined height, completing the level.


Important to the collaborative experience of Dreii is that players can only communicate by moving their floating character around as well as using the limited expressions contained in a word dial, like “Brilliant!,” “Slowly,” and “Help.”


The words will be available across 19 different languages while the online matchmaking (which is done automatically as you play and not in a lobby) will brings players together across all platforms.

Chris Priestman