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Award Winning Visual Novel Fruits of Grisaia Gets PS Vita Port


The developers Front Wing and Prototype have released the opening theme of the upcoming PS Vita port of their award-winning dating sim The Fruit of Grisaia. Originally released for the PC in 2011, the game won the Gold Award in the 2011 Moe Awards and went on to spawn two sequels, a PSP port, and an anime series that is currently in production.

The opening movie features the song Shuumatsu no Fractal (The Finishing Fractal), performed by Faylan.



The story takes place in Mihama Academy, a prestigious school separated from the outside world by a huge wall. The only students are a group of five girls who each harbor a dark past, until a boy named Yuuji Kazami becomes the first boy to enroll in the school and discover the prison/orchard that lies beneath its facade.

Yuuji Kazami


The gloomy protagonist of the game. His parents and sister died when he was a child.


Yumiko Sakaki


A beautiful girl who distrusts other people and hates socializing.


Amane Suou


An older sister figure who looks after the other students. She seems level-headed, but she’s an airhead who sometimes plays childish pranks.


Michiru Matsushima


A cheerful, stubborn girl who died her hair with bleach and regularly practices acting like a tsundere.


Makina Irisu


A shy girl who looks and talks like a child and never wears matching socks.


Sachi Komine


A diligent and modest girl who dresses like a maid and works as the class chairman.


The Fruit of Grisaia will be released for the PlayStation Vita on August 8.