Award-Winning Vocalist Performs Music Video Tribute To NieR


Vocalist Jillian Aversa has made a music video tribute to NieR in celebration of Square Enix’s announcement of a new game in the series at E3 this year.


Aversa and her percussionist Doug Perry chose “Song of the Ancients” from the NieR soundtrack for their tribute to the game, which they also perform together as part of the Video Games Live international symphonic tour.


In the video, the pair dress in contrasting outfits in order to reflect the dark and light themes of the game. “We decided to shoot the music video in front of an enormous statue of a man ‘drowning’ in the sand nearby," says Aversa. "Doug wore all black (including a mask painted on his face) and I created my own ghostly white ensemble.”


As NieR takes place among the ruins of an ancient civilization, surrounded by a decaying world, which Aversa describes as “terrifyingly dark and hauntingly beautiful,” the statue in the video is thought to be reminiscent of the game too.


As well as the music video tribute you can watch above, the song is available to listen to and purchase on OverClocked Records.

Chris Priestman