Azur Lane Patches Live2D Feature Jiggles For Certain Shipgirls


azur lane 1

A new update for Azur Lane was released last night, which restores some Live2D functions that were neutered mistakenly in a previous update on December 14, 2018.


While Azur Lane has Live2D assets which can be bought as extra skins for shipgirls you have, the latest batch of Live2D costumes’ movements were much less “enthusiastic” and “robust” than before, leading people to question whether censorship was being added to the game.


It turned out that the people behind Azur Lane had accidentally added assets meant for the tamer China and Korea versions to the English and Japanese versions. The official Twitter mentioned that steps would be taken to rectify the mistake as well as update the game engine, leading to the most recent update.


The new update has been released for both iOS and Android, but the Azur Lane team made the update optional, so that even if people preferred the less “vigorous” Live2D art, they can have it their way.


Azur Lane is available on iOS and Android.

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