Azur Lane Shimakaze Event Will Mark Japanese 4th Anniversary

Azur Lane Japanese 4th Anniversary - Shimakaze event - Upon the Shimmering Blue

Yostar revealed a new Azur Lane major event during the Japanese 4th Anniversary live stream. It will star IJN Shimakaze, the famous destroyer shipgirl who previously appeared as the protagonist of the console game Azur Lane: Crosswave. This event will also appear in the English global version with the title “Upon the Shimmering Blue.”

Shimakaze will appear as a constructible Ultra Rare shipgirl. Like IJN Shinano and USS New Jersey, the game will have a pity system that lets players obtain Shimakaze after spending 400 cubes to pull 200 times in the event’s construction pool.

The full list of new shipgirls that will appear in “Upon the Shimmering Blue” is available right below. All six characters will belong to the Japan-inspired Sakura Empire.

  1. IJN Yamakaze – Elite Destroyer – Total point rewards
  2. IJN Umikaze – Elite Destroyer – Construction gacha
  3. IJN Yura – Elite Light Cruiser – Construction gacha
  4. IJN Chikuma – Super Rare Heavy Cruiser – Construction and point exchange shop
  5. IJN Katsuragi – Super Rare Aircraft Carrier – Construction gacha
  6. IJN Shimakaze – Ultra Rare Destroyer – Construction gacha with pity system

The live stream also revealed more content and characters that Manjuu and Yongshi will add to Azur Lane in the near future. The super rare destroyer IJN Yuudachi will receive a retrofit that also raises her grade to Ultra Rare. The game will have new Seasonal Missions with special rewards, such as Fusou META — who was previously teased at the English 3rd Anniversary stream in August 2021.

Manjuu and Yongshi will also add more high-difficulty content to the popular mobile game. Besides Chapter 12 Hard Mode, the developers will add Chapter 14 into the main campaign with a currently unnamed new shipgirl. To help Commanders tackle the new content, the shipgirls’ maximum level cap will rise to 125.

Azur Lane is immediately available worldwide on Android and iOS mobile devices. The upcoming “Upon the Shimmering Blue” event will run from September 16, 2021, to October 3, 2021.

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