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Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Introduces Two Of Its New Bosses, Asrock and Jibryll



    Inti Creates has shared some information on a couple of new characters you will cross paths with in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. Asrock and Jibryll have been confirmed as two bosses in the upcoming sequel. [Thanks, Nintendo Everything.]


    In addition, here’s a look at Asrock’s stage which was shown in a recent episode of Denjin Getcha.




    gunvolt-2-s-1 gunvolt-2-s-2

    gunvolt-2-s-3 gunvolt-2-s-4

    gunvolt-2-s-5 gunvolt-2-s-6



    gunvolt-2-s-8 gunvolt-2-s-10

    gunvolt-2-s-11 gunvolt-2-s-12

    gunvolt-2-s-14 gunvolt-2-s-15

    gunvolt-2-s-16 gunvolt-2-s-17

    gunvolt-2-s-18 gunvolt-2-s-19

    gunvolt-2-s-20 gunvolt-2-s-21

    Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 will release for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on August 25th, in North America on September 30th, and will release sometime this year in Europe.


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