Backspace Bouken Typing Game Will Launch on December 13, 2019


People who have appreciated typing games like Typing of the Dead may have a new title to add to their wishlists. Backspace Bouken will launch on PCs on December 13, 2019. It has a similar sort of concept, where you defeat enemies by typing, only this time it involves a dungeon-crawling RPG.

In Backspace Bouken, players head into the dreaded F8 Tower. It is infested with frightful monsters and filled with hapless humans who wandered inside. It is Kana’s job to venture inside, explore its many paths, and save the people trapped within. However, you will need to type back when enemies say in order to defeat them. Which could mean writing out words, like “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis,” or phrases, like “The boss said your typing skills were, ahem, ‘alarming.’”

While this is primarily a typing game, there are other RPG elements there. As Kana goes through F8 Tower, she’ll end up stumbling across different kinds of puzzles to solve. People who take the time to deliberately plot out all of the dungeon’s paths will also receive a reward for their careful cartography.

backspace bouken typing game rpg 2

Backspace Bouken will be available for PCs on December 13, 2019. A demo is available on

Jenni Lada
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