Backstage Pass Leaves Early Access


ss_c80d5565b683ea528340b8ed9565ed2bce18d18f.1920x1080 After spending two years in Steam’s Early Access program, Sakevisual’s Backstage Pass has launched. The full version of this otome game has four main bachelors, three hidden routes, over 15 endings, with some hidden, and over 80 CGs. The full version of the game has English voice acting, animated opening and endings from Studio DEEN, and all CGs added into the game.


In Backstage Pass, players follow a young college student named Sian. A family emergency has driven her to work as a makeup artist while in school, which means players must balance her schedule. You determine what she does every day, which outfits she wears, and who she’ll interact with. Your choices could end up pairing her up with her childhood friend and pop star classmate Adam, a magician named Benito, a producer named John, or a model named Matthew. Depending on your decisions, Sian could also end up getting closer to secret characters like Nicole or Alvin. Your influence is needed to help her survive her first year at college.



Backstage Pass is immediately available for PCs. A 15% discount is currently in effect until August 31, 2016, bringing the price down to $25.49 from $29.99.

Jenni Lada
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