Bahamut Dominates The Skies And These Final Fantasy Type-0 Screens


type031Bahamut returns for Final Fantasy Type-0 as one of the war gods players can summon by sacrificing one of their party members. In this game, Bahamut rules the skies and can swoop down to make the ground tremble with his Shockwave attack. Rush makes Bahamut lunge in and charge an enemy from the air.


Megaflare, Bahamut’s signature attack, is his most powerful move. Players can tap a button to charge the laser-like beam and aim it with the analog stick.


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Final Fantasy Type-0 has a multiplayer option where friends can jump in as temporary guest characters. When no one is around NPCs, like Kurasame, can reinforce your party. The magic academy instructor joins as a powerful level 54 character.


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In multi-mode, a friend can help you out for a limited amount of time. SPP (Security Player Points) determine how long they stick around. Acquire more of these by defeating enemies and you can have a partner stay longer. Guest characters automatically return to their game when time runs out.


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Trey is one of the playable characters. He wields a bow and can make arrows rain on enemies with his special attack.

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Cater uses magic guns and can imbue bullets with elemental attributes.

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Cinque has a huge mace and her special attack, Earthquake, shakes the ground.

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Qun’mi is a L’cie from Byakko and one of the bosses in the game. She dons magical Dainsleif armor that can fire missiles.

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Zhuyu is a L’cie from Suzaku who controls fire. He wears his uniform as a way of remembering his identity.

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