A Band Of Outlaws Get Dragged Into Saving The World In Asdivine Cross



The balance between the deities of light and dark has started to tip in light’s favor, but Harvey has bigger problems. Having been locked up for trying to loot the chancellor’s mansion, he’s apparently sharing a prison with the princess of Luminia. After escaping and bringing her with him, now he’s got to see if she is who she says she is in RPG Asdivine Cross.




Available in free or pay versions, the Android RPG gives will take players across the world of Asdivine alongside several members of outlaw group The Watchers. When this ragtag crew works together, they build up a Trust Gauge, which lets each of them use powerful individual skills as long as it’s full. They can also link together magic and skills in player-made combos.




Players will also be able to upgrade weapons as they play the game, improving favorites with increases in power, the ability to cause status ailments, or make them heal the character who wields them. 




Asdivine Cross has a standalone storyline, so players won’t need to have played Asdivine Hearts to fully appreciate it.

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