Bandai Namco Entertainment Festival 2nd Postponed Again

Bandai Namco Entertainment Festival 2nd Postponed

Bandai Namco announced the postponement of the Bandai Namco Entertainment Festival 2nd on its official website and Twitter account. The confirmation arrived following the state of emergency declared in Tokyo yesterday.

Here’s the notice from Bandai Namco regarding the festival’s postponement:

“After taking into account the current situation of the pandemic, we have decided to postpone the event as a result of careful consideration of the health and safety of all visitors. Please check the official website for more details.”

The first Bandai Namco Entertainment Festival took place in October 2019. The concert celebrated the idols and video game theme songs created by the Bandai Namco group. It featured original artists, as well as other famous musicians, who performed remixes and arrangements. Bandai Namco Entertainment Festival 2nd was initially set to take place at the Tokyo Dome in Winter 2020. It was then delayed until February 6-7, 2021. Bandai Namco will announce new dates later.

Here’s the lineup of titles for the concert:

  • The Idolmaster series
  • The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls
  • The Idolmaster: Million Live!
  • The Idolmaster: SideM Live on [email protected]!
  • Tales of series
  • Denonbu
  • All Aikatsu!
  • Mobile Suit Gundam series
  • Love Live! Sunshine!!
  • Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club

The official website will have further details on the schedule at a later date.

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