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Bandai Namco Are Going To Make A Gundam Announcement For PS4 Soon



Bandai Namco have previously revealed that they’re currently working on an untitled Mobile Suit Gundam title for PlayStation 4, and this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine reports that we’ll finally hear more about it soon. [Thanks, Game Jouhou]


According to producer Ken Kuwahara, they’re just about done getting their plans together for the game, and will announce its official title in the near future.


When asked about the current situation for Gundam games, Kuwahara said that the biggest change at the moment is the change in platforms (ie; transitioning to current generation). He also goes on to say they intend to provide a fair amount of Gundam titles in the future, especially for consoles like PlayStation 4 and Vita.


When asked about Gundam Breaker 2, the producer said that they are truly grateful for having been able to release it. The game was well-received, and they’re currently thinking of ways on how to evolve it as they continue moving along.

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