Bandai Namco Is Opening A Virtual Reality Center In Tokyo Next Month



Bandai Namco announced today that they’re going to open a virtual reality experience center, called “VR Zone: Project I Can” in Tokyo, starting April 15 through mid-October.


The goal of this project is to have fans get a taste of virtual reality entertainment, so that they can experience its various possibilities and provide the company with feedback through the various games that will be available at the facility.


Here are the six games that will be available to try out at the entertainment center:


  • Fear of Heights Show: Rescue a cat located on a thin wooden plank 200m above the ground.


  • Ski Rodeo: A ski experience that will take you through the steep cliffs of snowy mountains.


  • Real Drive: Get the realistic sensation of driving a sports car on a circuit in VR.


  • Escape Ward Omega: Join everyone in a giant abandoned hospital for a horror experience that will make you wonder “did I really got attacked?


  • Train Meister: Experience the duties of controlling a Yamanote Line train as a JR train operator.


  • Argyle Shift: Together with a girl in the cockpit of a giant robot, you’ll get to experience what you’ve been waiting for, by going into a mecha battle.
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