Bandai Namco Teases A “Mysterious Game,” Possibly A God Eater Localization?



Bandai Namco recently launched a website that has a 72-hour countdown on it with the words “Mysterious Game” glowing in the back.


While there isn’t much to go by on the countdown teaser site, but upon looking at it and ignoring its ugly sounds for a while, there’s been a few hints. The top image reads “Is there any hope left?” in French and the website showed it in English shortly afterwards.




It also gave a glimpse of what appears to be a structure in the above image, and some other stuff we can’t really make out.



Afterwards, we got another message in Spanish saying “El trabajo en equipo nos mostrará el camino, which roughly means “teamwork will lead the way.”



The “Is there still hope?” message was also shown in German, and also in Spanish.



Followed by “not going back” in Italian.



“There is no escape,” in German.


We also saw the message “Can you feel the hunger?” which was shared by Bandai Namco Entertainment America on Twitter.


Update: The folks at DualShockers point out that it sounds like a possible God Eater title localization, given that the visual style and textures seem to have a resemblance, along with the messages about hunger, hunting, not to mention teamwork.


Here’s a look at some more from a video clip they posted:



Update 2: Siliconera reader Ken Bladehart did some detective work, and took a screenshot of what appears to be from one the above mages, showing that it definitely resembles a part of God Eater 2: Rage Burst’s field, called Dead City at Dawn:


From Teaser website:



From an in-game screenshot of God Eater 2: Rage Burst:



These hints are pretty vague for the time being, but we’ll likely see more clues by the time the countdown ends on December 21 at 5:00am PT/8:00am ET/1:00pm GMT.

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