Bandai Namco Trademarks The Legend of Valkyrie, Wagan Land, Bon! Bon! Journey!! In Europe



Bandai Namco recently trademarked three titles in Europe with The Legend of Valkyrie, Wagan Land, and Bon! Bon! Journey!!


We’re not exactly sure what Bon! Bon! Journey!! could be, so it could very well be a part of a localized title for something new. As for The Legend of Valkyrie, it appears to be the translated title for Valkyrie no Densetsu, a Japan-only action adventure game released by Namco in April 1989 for arcade and August 1990 for PC Engine as a sequel to the 1986 Famicom game Valkyrie no Boken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu.


In addition to a mobile release in August 2006, the Wii got a port of its PC Engine version via Virtual Console in April 2008 followed by a port of the arcade version port in December 2009. The game was made available worldwide in English through the compilation title Namco Museum Volume 5 on PlayStation in 1997-98.


Wagan Land is a platformer that sold exclusively in Japan, also by Namco, for the Famicom in February 1989 and Game Gear in July 1991. The Famicom version was ported to the Wii via Virtual Console in September 2008 and for the Wii U in May 2014.


Considering The Legend of Valkyrie and Wagan Land are two titles that never released outside of Japan as standalone titles, it should be interesting to see what comes from the recent trademarks.


Here’s a look at The Legend of Valkyrie’s Virtual Console release on Wii:


And here’s footage from the the Virtual Console release of Wagan Land:

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