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Banshee’s Last Cry Is Getting A Remake On PlayStation Vita



Spike Chunsoft announced in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine that Banshee’s Last Cry (Kamaitachi no Yoru) the visual novel first released on Super Famicom in ‘94 is getting a PS Vita remake.


Here are some details about the game, which is currently available for smartphone in the West:


Banshee’s Last Cry is a thrilling visual novel that takes readers on a deadly thrill ride of murder and deception. Set in a snowed in hotel lodge during Christmas, vacationers find themselves caught up in a murderous “whodunit” game when someone winds up dead. Local legend tells of a banshee whose screams can rip through flesh, but, is the killer really a deadly monster or the work of a madman?


An inventive twist on the traditional novel, Banshee’s Last Cry allows readers to make decisions, each unlocking several unique stories and endings. Added to the mix is a soundtrack befitting of a thriller novel and images to set the mood.


And some screenshots for the upcoming remake:






We’ll have more details on the Banshee’s Last Cry remake when it becomes available.

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