Bartz Shows How He’s The Master Of All Jobs In Dissidia Final Fantasy



While he may not be the most popular of Final Fantasy heroes we’ve seen thus far, Bartz Klauser from Final Fantasy V and his versatility is certainly a force to be reckoned with in Dissidia Final Fantasy on arcade.


Bartz is a Unique-type fighter and is proficient at all attacks. The more he attacks, the more effective his attacks become as well. Once his proficiency level hits “Master” he gets a buff effect for all of his job characteristics. As shown in the video, he can slash, punch, cast magic, shoot arrows, and more.


Once he gets Master on everything, he gets a bunch of super buffs, but getting it isn’t as simple as it sounds, since you’ll want to get the jobs on Master in an efficient manner. His “Good Luck Charm” EX Skill grants all party members the same buffs that Bartz has himself, making him quite the team player.


Here are the other character trailers shown thus far:

Dissidia Final Fantasy launches in Japan for arcade on November 26, 2015.

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