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Basement Crawl For The PlayStation 4 Is Reminiscent Of Bomberman




I’m not sure what exactly the video for developer Bloober Team’s creepy maze-based puzzle game Basement Crawl is supposed to do. It paints a sinister and very sad story honestly, much like Dead Island’s amazingly cinematic first trailer. But it didn’t actually tell me anything about the game, which, it turns out, looks like it will play much like a certain Bomberman.




Expanding on the basic premise of blocking a foe in and then blowing them to smithereens, Basement Crawl will let up to eight online players—or four via local play—have at it with each other as one of four different character types. Each will have their own forms of traps and explosives that will be used to kill off foes, although that might take awhile as it seems there are health bars. We’re not entirely sure what does what, but the variety of things going on in the video – including what looks like a locked Pandora’s box that opens into grenades, knives and more seem to feature quite a lot.


Players will be fighting in enclosed arenas with slowly expanding space as both sides try to entrap their foes before the other, with nine such levels shipping with the game.


While it does strike off as creepy, there’s not too much horror in the game, as the devs hope to not have to explain to parents why their children are now screaming and crying and refusing to go to sleep with Mr Tiddlywinks anymore. Although we’re not sure how that flies with the obese woman with the facemask…


Basement Crawl doesn’t have a release date, but does say it will “release in the PlayStation 4 launch window” within 2013 and come as a downloadable title.


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