Nintendo Switch

A Batch Of Splatoon-Themed Switch Accessories From HORI Are Headed To North America



When Splatoon 2 release for the Nintendo Switch next month, it will be joined by a handful of new Switch accessories inspired by the game, courtesy of HORI.


Among the accessories include some squid shaped pouches, and a “Splat Pack” which features a pouch plus a game case with clip and two Splatoon 2 Analog Caps. There will also be a “Deluxe Splat Pack with Squid Trigger Grip” which includes the same items from the Splat Pack, with the addition of the “Squid Trigger Grip” that “adds mechanical triggers for more accurate splats.”


You can get a better look at each of the items below, as well as find them for preorder over on Amazon.


splatoon-hori-1 splatoon-hori-2

splatoon-hori-3 splatoon-hori-6-656x559


Splatoon 2 will release for the Nintendo Switch on July 21st, 2017.