Battle Arena Toshinden 2 And Other PSOne Games Are Headed To Steam



A publisher named Console Classics is bringing older PlayStation games to PC, and some of the titles on their upcoming list are very interesting.


In 1998, Fox Interactive published N20: Nitrous Oxide for the PSOne. The game was a tube shooter that relied heavily on a psychedelic aesthetic, featuring music from The Crystal Method’s debut album, Vegas. Fast forward to 2015, and N20: Nitrous Oxide is up on Steam courtesy of Console Classics. Not only that, but another title, Buggy, has also been released under their name.


What’s really interesting, though, is the list of games Console Classics are teasing on their official website.


Tatsunoko Fight, published for the PSOne in 2000 and developed by a company named Electronics Application (Eleca), is on their list of upcoming games. So is Tamsoft’s Battle Arena Toshinden 2. Oh, and D, by Japanese composer Kenji Eno. That one’s interesting because the rights of D are actually with Throwback Entertainment.


Meanwhile, Koudelka, a role-playing game developed by Sacnoth and published by SNK in the United States, is also among those titles. Infogrames, who published Koudelka in Europe, also published Lucky Luke: Western Fever and Lucky Luke, both of which are also listed. Urbanscan, who published the Actua sports titles, will also be getting ports.