Nintendo DS

Battle Chaos Bahamut In Blood of Bahamut


image So it looks like Square Enix, is finally releasing information about Blood of Bahamut, their new DS game.  Thus far, we have seen fantastic pictures of giant monsters who share names with Final Fantasy summons we know and love.


Well, it looks like summons are back, but not with Shiva and co. as your allies. Ibuki, the protagonist, is the sole summoner left in a world filled with gigantic monsters.  The power of a summoner is obtained from the power of the souls of dragons residing within his body.  This allows the summoner to transform and is the cause of much envy and hatred towards them.


It seems that Ibuki’s original inherited power is the White Dragon.  However, there is also a Black Dragon, who may very well be another summoner, suggesting that Ibuki isn’t quite as alone as he thinks he is.


Ibuki’s struggles against Ifrit and Gilgamesh lead up to Chaos Bahamut, a new version of the dragon that appears before those who have defeated all the other giant monsters. He’s even more powerful with godlike powers.  Good luck beating him.


All of this beautiful art really makes me want to play the game.  The good news is that there’s not long to wait.  Blood of Bahamut is coming out in August 6th in Japan, so look forward to a playtest sometime after that!