Battle Chef Brigade Combines Monster Hunting With Cooking Shows



    Battle Chef Brigade is the kind of cooking show I’d happily watch on television. It’s about magical chefs that hunt monster for ingredients and then turn them into exquisite dishes for the judges. But it’s better than a TV show as it’s a game that’s currently on Kickstarter.


    As one of the competing chefs in this extraordinary cooking show, you’ll head out into the Arena to do battle with the monsters that you want to turn into a tasty meal. You can’t just go out on the slaughter, mind, as each slice and cut affects the quality of the meat. Perhaps you’ll want to use a mechanical trap rather than diving in with knives to catch your ingredients, then.


    You’ll not only have to worry about how your slice up the critters in the Arena, but when, too. The monsters are all part of an ecosystem that you’ll want to maintain rather than upset. So you might want to let birds go free in order to lay more eggs, you may even find that you have to defend them from a hungry lizard.


    Once you’ve got all your ingredients, it’s time to cook. You can come up with whatever dish you want, but you do have to bear in mind the round timer and the picky tastes of the judges – from “meat-loving Orcs to diet-obsessed Elves.”


    Apparently, to make the best dishes you’ll need to use a combination of skill and magic. This means matching textures and tastes as well as using infernos to accelerate cooking times. Oh, and you’ll have to eat your own dishes at times in order to restore health and mana.


    Developer Trinket Studios is seeking $38,000 in funding on Kickstarter in order to bring Battle Chef Brigade to Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, if the campaign is more successful, the studio is interested in perhaps bringing it to consoles and handhelds, too.

    Chris Priestman

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