The Battle With Perkisas Rages On In Elsword



KOG Games recently announced that Phase 2 of the Perkisas Raid Boss encounter has begun in their free-to-play MMO Elsword. In this phase of the encounter, the dragon takes to the air to attack all would-be opponents. For a look at Perkisas Phase 2 in action, you can watch the official video below.


Here’s some additional information about Perkisas Phase 2 from KOG Games:


“Perkisas Phase 2 changes the whole Perkisas Raid Boss encounter to a newer and more difficult level. Right from the start of the Phase, Perkisas charges at adventurers using a volley of new attacks such as map wide fire breathe that can only be dodged by air, fireballs and dragon jaw snapping bites! Once the encounter progresses, players will encounter a change of pace as Perkisas takes to the air and attacks adventurers head on with a full hands and head encounter. Adventurers will need to dodge and get their hits in at the most opportune time.

During this phase, Perkisas not only fights on the ground, but also in the air. Perkisas will take to the air to reign down fireballs onto adventurers, while players will need to use the supplied balllista’s to do enough damage and stop his flight. Players who progress and do enough damage to qualify for Perkias Ranks, will be treated to rewards.”


Elsword is a free-to-play MMO available for PC.