Battle Splash Brings Multiplayer Watergun Showdowns To Greenlight



Battle Splash, the class-based multiplayer water gun shooter that offers up to 32-player matches on player-made servers, is seeking votes on Steam Greenlight.


804737940_preview_2016_12_8_15_35_48 - Battle Splash 


Battle Splash will feature several playable classes in multiplayer shooter combat, offering mechanics that draw inspiration from Team Fortress 2, Doom, and Quake. Players will get to choose from one of four classes, each with their own stats, abilities, and unique items for each of the characters. Players can then take their character out to battle against AI bots or other players in lighthearted, splash-filled water gun fights.


The developer has released several new screenshots and a new trailer to show off the progress they’ve made on the game over the past few months. The developer also hinted at some more of the weapons, claiming the game will offer anything “from traditional water balloons to futuristic water guns.”


804737940_preview_2016_11_23_14_57_33 - Battle Splash


Battle Splash is planned as an Early Access title when it is ready, but the developer gave no date for that release at this time.

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