Battlefield 4 Players Are Closing Their Servers To Protest Against DICE


An organization formed of various Battlefield 4 clans and server hosts calling itself “WeAreBattlefield” is staging a protest against DICE on January 3rd 2015 at 12.00 UTC.


The protest takes form as a mass closure of servers which, it is hoped, will get the attention of Battlefield developer DICE.


The reasons why these players have come together to stage a protest are outlined in this forum post. A lot of problems seem to stem from DICE not communicating with server admins enough. But it also includes cheaters who can “destroy” servers, what are perceived to be wrongful in-game deaths, and the community being split up due to premium content.


See the following bullet points that are outlined as the main problems causing the protest:


  • Admins are unhappy about changes.
  • Admins use the CTE forums to communicate issues but are being ignored
  • Dices politic regarding ranked servers
  • Hidden patches and usually without warning
  • Patchnotes arriving too late
  • No consistency in running servers
  • Too many restrictions in server presets (e.g. idle timeout, max. vehicle spawn delay, etc.)
  • Not enough control about amounts of vehicles that spawn or classes/weapons to use
  • Splitting up the community with premium
  • Official preset not administered
  • No admin-only spectator
  • The fight against cheater (why does every client get all data?)


The organizers of WeAreBattlefield say that they don’t expect the protest to cause DICE to act on anything soon, although that is their desire. What they are hoping is for DICE to pay attention and to show that it cares about the community by listening to admins and working with them.


Anyone who wants to add their clan or server to the protest can do so in the WeAreBattlefield forums.

Chris Priestman