Battlefield V Teaser Trailer Confirms A World War II Setting


Electronic Arts will fully reveal DICE’s next entry in the Battlefield series with Battlefield V this Wednesday, but we got some info on its setting from a new teaser trailer.


The teaser trailer is quite short, but it’s enough to give away its setting as the HUD shows the British Union Jack and the German Iron Cross on the top area, confirming that Battlefield is moving from the first World War in Battlefield 1 to World War II in Battlefield V.


The trailer doesn’t show much else, but we see what appears to be a redesigned HUD and a health bar that appears to have been shifted from the usual bottom-right corner to the bottom-middle.


The Battlefield V reveal will take place on May 23 at 1:00pm PDT/4:00pm EDT/10:00pm CEST and will be available to watch on YouTube, Twitch,, and

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