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How Battles In The Noire Strategy RPG Spinoff Work



Neptune has to sit on the sidelines for the next Neptunia game. Her buddy Noire will be the star and over-powered protagonist in her own spinoff game Planet Destroyer Black Heart. 4Gamer shares details on the strategy RPG action of the upcoming Vita game.


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Similar to past Neptunia games, players will pick out a list of available missions. These are split between main and sub-missions. Upon clearing a main mission once, they can be repeated through the Rematch Simulation option.


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After selecting and starting a mission, it’ll prompt you to select units and the mission leader. Characters all have their own unique leader abilities, and units can also be switched out during the mission.


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The terrain have elevation levels, and certain units are better at climbing than others. Falling from high areas could result in taking damage, so picking the right characters for climbing might be crucial in some maps. The fields also have all kinds of traps and other objects that might cause damage.



When adjacent units activate skills or special abilities, they can activate the Lily Boost that starts with kisses on the cheek. This can be done with up to four other players giving the kiss.


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Once a Lily Boost gets activated, the unit acquired Lily Points, which can be used to transform into a goddess once per battle. The transformation increases all of their parameters while they stay afloat for three turns.


Lily Points can also be used to pull off super special attacks, which can turn the tides of the battle. These points reset for each mission, so it’s recommended to use them whenever they fill up. There are also other effects from the points that have yet to be detailed.


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Materials can be used to make items through the “Item Develop” feature. Blank discs and idea chips can also be put together to make new accessories with “Disc Make”. Another new feature is the “Sim Noire,” where you’ll customize her own room.


She starts out with a dinky room, but after using Sim Points, acquired by purchasing items at shops, you can use it to upgrade her room and buy some furniture for it.



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The above is a look at some of Noire’s video game parody friends. You can read more about them in our here and here.


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Planet Destroyer Black Heart will be released on May 29, 2014 for PlayStation Vita. The above is a look at the standard edition cover (on the left) and the limited edition (to the right).

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