Beastars’ Netflix Debut Will Be March 13, 2020

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After a bit of teasing suggesting a Beastars Netflix debut in early 2020, the series’ streaming launch has been dated. It will launch on March 13, 2020. People will be able to follow Legosi’s adventures at Cherryton Academy, where he participates in the drama club’s activities, develops a crush on a classmate named Haru, and gets involved with discovering who killed and ate one of his fellow club members.

Beastars is set in a world where everyone is an anthropomorphic animal, with there being issues between carnivores and herbivores due to innate natures. For example, some carnivores have to take certain medications to repress their urges, while there are laws in place regarding relationships and marriages.

Legosi is a gray wolf who is rather subdued and wants to get along with herbivores. In particular, he has developed a crush on Haru, a dwarf rabbit who is also a bit of a loner due to gossip spread about her and her species. After Tem, an alpaca who was also a part of Legosi’s drama club, was murdered by someone else at their school, Legosi finds himself drawn into the mystery. At the same time, the anime also explores the relationships and ordeals other students like Louis, the deer who is head of the drama club and is heir to the Horns Conglomerate.

Beastars takes its name from Sublime Beastar, a rank all animal strive to obtain. Those who graduate from school and are assigned the rank have the task of shaping and running society.

The Beastars anime began its run in Japan in October 2019, and there are 12 episodes. Its manga adaptation began its run in September 2016, and an English translation is available through Viz Media.

Other recent Netflix anime additions include Sonic X, No Game No Life, and Ni no Kuni.

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